Jun 01 2012

Cisco UCS market share on the rise

IDC today released their Q1-CY2012 server marketshare data.

Lets take a look at the Blade Server specific numbers according to IDC.

Bladed Server Market Results

The blade market continued its growth in the quarter with factory revenue increasing 7.3% year over year, with shipment growth increasing by 4.8% compared to 1Q11. Overall, bladed servers, including x86, EPIC, and RISC blades, accounted for $2.0 billion in revenues, representing 16.6% of quarterly server market revenue. More than 90% of all blade revenue is driven by x86-based blades, which now represent 21.3% of all x86 server revenue. HP maintained the number 1 spot in the server blade market in 1Q12 with 46.1% revenue share, while IBM finished with 18.9% revenue share. Cisco and Dell rounded out the top 4 with 12.8% and 8.7% factory revenue share, respectively. Cisco’s blade server revenue increased 48.8% year over year and gained 3.6 points of blade server market share when compared with the first quarter of 2011.

An 48% increase in Cisco blade server revenue (YoY) is a validation that customers are adopting Cisco UCS. But what you can’t see easily from these numbers is Cisco’s marketshare of the x86-blade server market. IDC only lists the total blade server market share numbers. Remember that Cisco only has x86 blades, which skews the Cisco marketshare number. So I calculated Cisco’s share of the x86 blade server market using the following logic. Let me know if you think I’m off with the calculations.

– Overall blade server revenue: $2.0B

– Cisco blade server marketshare of that $2B: 12.8% which equals $256M

– x86 blade server revenue is 90% of the $2B which is $1.8B.

That means Cisco has 14.2% x86 blade server marketshare ($256M/$1.8B).

Do you agree?