Dec 06 2012

What Would You Build

What Would You Build – if you had the power to program the network.

In my presentations around Cisco ONE (Open Network Environment) and then specifically the onePK Platform API section, I challenge people to think about what they would want to build if they could use an API to program their routers and switches.


And this is the place I asked people to go to write down what programming against a network (device) would mean for them. The goal was to collect some creative idea’s that people have that could potentially be solved if you could write a program to interact with your network devices. Since I don’t want to limit anybodies creativity I won’t give any examples here – if you were at my presentations you will have heard me give a few examples.

I’m very interested to hear some of your great idea’s.

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  1. Keith Burchfield


    I’d like to see the virtual platform – vCloud or Hyper-V update the upstream switching path for a VM after a VM move across two DCs. Essentially see the new location be pushed into the network, not rely on the move being discovered.



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