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Name: Tjerk Bijlsma
Date registered: March 6, 2011


My name is Tjerk Bijlsma - or TJ to keep things simple and pronounceable - and I'm a Solution Architect at Cisco based in Amsterdam. I joined the European Data Center and Virtualization team in March 2009 when we launched the Cisco UCS product. I joined Cisco Netherlands in 1998 as a Systems Engineer covering a broad range of customers, moved on to focus exclusively on the Financial Services customers and ended that role as the global technical lead for one international financial customer. In 2007 I joined the Emerging Markets team as the lead solution architect for the Financial Services sector with a focus on the strategic finance account in Emerging Markets.

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  2. Amsterdam Demonstration Lab (Cisco / Panduit) — October 9, 2014
  3. Protected: The baby UCS — July 15, 2014
  4. Adding a UCS Rack Server — January 2, 2013
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Jun 15 2016

The Network Knows


  The Network Knows   “It is your data center. Do you know what’s happening inside it? Is it even possible to know? You need to know what’s going on, but how can you? You can’t map it, you can’t monitor everything. All these pieces are talking to each other and interaction in ways you …

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Oct 09 2014

Amsterdam Demonstration Lab (Cisco / Panduit)


Lets go down a layer in the data center. All the way down to the physical layer, perhaps even the facility foundation some might say. As infrastructure folks we always talk about things like networking, compute, virtualisation, storage, and more and more about applications. But those don’t work very well without a good environment for …

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Jul 15 2014

Protected: The baby UCS


There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Jan 02 2013

Adding a UCS Rack Server


“When are you going to create a new video?” That is a question I quite regularly receive from people that use the original “Adding a new UCS chassis” video. For a while now the idea was to show how you could add a UCS C-series (rack server) to a running UCS system. The challenge had …

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