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Jun 01 2012

Cisco UCS market share on the rise

IDC today released their Q1-CY2012 server marketshare data. Lets take a look at the Blade Server specific numbers according to IDC. Bladed Server Market Results The blade market continued its growth in the quarter with factory revenue increasing 7.3% year over year, with shipment growth increasing by 4.8% compared to 1Q11. Overall, bladed servers, including …

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Mar 17 2012

How UCS achieves 80GbE of bandwidth per blade


With the launch of the third generation of Unified Fabric, Cisco’s UCS system has moved well ahead of the simple 2*10GbE interfaces that a single blade can have. It now delivers up to 80GbE to a single blade in a dual 40GbE way. How is that achieved? What are the options? There are four main …

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Mar 06 2012

M3 goodies – a new UCS B200-M3 blade


The UCS B200-M3 blade is the third generation blade for Cisco, build around the Intel E5-2600 processor. It is a half-width blade that supports dual socket E5 processors with 24 DIMMs that can provide a whopping 768GB of memory. New to the B200-M3 are an internal USB and dual Flash Card slots. The 24 DIMM …

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Mar 04 2012

New Cisco UCS Fabric and Management products


This is an exciting week for those that follow the Cisco UCS platform with announcements around the Fabric Infrastructure, the Compute and the Unified Management. With Intel’s E5 Romley processor launch this week, that is sure to grab a lot of attention, the announcements around Cisco UCS Fabric Infrastructure and UCS Management might have an …

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