My website came online on Sunday March 6th, 2011 and it featured two posts and an about page.

I spend some time finding an easy way to share my thoughts with the rest of the world and I found WordPress. And it turned out that my hosting provider already was setup to enable WordPress with one simple click of a button. I searched online for good WordPress information (plenty out there) on how to setup a site with WordPress.
The hardest part was actually picking the theme. I played with many but in the end settled on this one.

There are still things I need to do. It will take some time for me to complete those, so be patient. This is my TO-DO list:

(done) Add Twitter Plugin to the posts
(works by default) Add RSS Feed to the website
Contact Me section
My favorite blogs that I follow
Adding a picture to the About TJ site
(done – thanks Marco) Traffic statistics to the site, figure out how I can track that
(done) Want to see if I can add a private page for just a few friends that either is invisible or requires authentication.

Any other cool idea’s, plug ins or widgets I should turn on???


  1. Marco de Vries

    Hi Tjerk,

    Nice to read something about your work, very interesting! WordPress is a great publishing platform. We use if for too (we designed a custom theme), and obviously we needed to track some information as well. You might want to follow @yoast, a (Dutch) WordPress expert and SEO. He has created some very powerful WP-plugins (SEO / Google Analytics). See

    For the ‘Contact Me’ section you could (should ;)) use Contact Form 7. It couldn’t be easier to design contact forms (we use three of them on our website, and we can even track them as goals in Google Analytics). See

    We use Twitter Widget Pro for the (you guessed it!) Twitter widget, it just works and is customizable, so that’s nice. See

    RSS is available out-of-the-box, but it has to be implemented in the theme (and it is:

    Hope you find this useful! 🙂



    1. TJ


      That is very useful information. Thank you. I’ll look into those. looks fantastic, great theme you created.


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