Jul 17 2011

UCS 2.0: New Innovation

Two years on the market and a 10% market share – UCS 1.0 has proven itself… welcome UCS 2.0.

Last week at Cisco Live 2011 in Las Vegas, where “what happens in Vegas is shared online”, UCS 2.0 was announced (orderability scheduled for Q3 CY11)

With UCS 1.0 we brought innovation to the x86 blade server market with Unified Fabric, Service Profiles, Extended Memory technology, a virtual chassis architecture, very extensive networking features and an XML API.


UCS 2.0 adds onto this already great package by giving you even more choice with an additional Fabric Interconnect, an additional chassis IO Module and an additional blade Virtual Interface Card. These three new infrastructure components bring both innovation, scalability and feature enhancements.


One innovation is Unified Ports.  Any port on the new 6248UP Fabric interconnect can be 1GE, 10GE, FCoE, FC or DCB. It no longer matters at purchasing time what type of ports you need and how many. Any port, any role.

Another innovation is dual 40G of bandwidth on the new VIC1280. This is dual 40G per half-width blade!!

And on the software side, some exciting new features that have been on the top-ask list from you: support for disjoint L2 networks and iSCSI boot.


If you have made it this far reading this blog, you must be interested in a lot more details. For that I’m going to direct you to a very extensive blog write-up by M. Sean Mcgee who was the one that presented the UCS 2.0 launch at Cisco Live 2011 Las Vegas.